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FACT mix 705: Epic B

Brooklyn’s Epic B makes a case for flex dance music with this genre-blurring selection of R&B, dancehall, experimental bass and more.

Epic B grew up in Brooklyn producing and rapping, but started focusing his energy on flex dance music in 2013. The young genre, known as FDM, is a hybrid form of dancehall made, initially at least, for dancers, not for clubs, and Epic B has quickly become notorious as one of the genre’s key protagonists.

In 2017, Epic joined Manchester’s Swing Ting family to release the genre-defining Late Night FlexN, but early last year the producer had his equipment, including two laptops, stolen, forcing him to start from scratch again. Thankfully, he recovered from this enormous setback and late last year released a collaboration with gqom pioneer DJ Lag, following it up last month with another phenomenal solo EP: Mask On Riddim.

Epic’s FACT mix is a no-holds-barred entry point into the FDM sound, rattling through urgent R&B edits (it’s never a bad time to hear another edit of Cassie’s ‘Me & U’) and a bounty of the producer’s own unreleased productions.

“The theme of this mix is ‘Peace & Moddness’ and is inspired by the vibe I get from dancehall in general,” Epic B explains. “You never know what you’re going to experience when you listen to dancehall, but you know you’re always going to move to it. Sometimes it’s love and happiness, other times it’s war and conflict — but no matter what it’s a vibe!”


‘Stone Love Intro’
Epic B – ‘Retro Love’
Bloodz Boi – ‘黑白 / Black Or White’ ft. Organ Tapes (prod. Epic B)
Kiyano – ‘Wireless’ (prod. Epic B)
Jasani Jacobs – ‘Number One’ (prod. Epic B)
Epic B – ‘Fall In Love’
Uninamise – ‘You Make Me Wanna’
Kyraxx – ‘With You’
July 7 – ‘Pronto’
Kiyano – ‘Ocean’ (prod. by GVIJIN)
Uninamise – ‘Boo’
Epic B – ‘Me & U’
Epic B – ‘Case of the Ex’
Show Dem Camp – ‘What You Want’ (Epic B Remix)
DJ Lag & Epic B – ‘Going Modd’
Epic B – ‘Firehouse’
Hitmakerchxxx – ‘Kayode’
Wah Gwan Twon & Epic B – ‘New Bruk Out Plan’
Epic B – ‘Wes Ting’
Epic B – ‘Windows’
Epic B – ‘Dat Fi’
Epic B – ‘Action Talk’
Epic B – ‘Magazine’ ft. Kiyano
Epic B – ‘I’m the One’ ft. Lady Ice
Epic B – ‘More Gal’ ft. Alozade
Epic B & Cadenza – ‘Fuck Up’
Epic B – ‘Done Rule’
Epic B – ‘Oh Shit’
Epic B – ‘Thunder Bite’ ft. Kiyano
Epic B & SIM – ‘Patient’ ft. Eddie Hill
Prynce Mini – ‘Like Me’ (prod. Epic B)
Kiyano – ‘Stinga’ (prod. Epic B)
Uninamise – ‘Hail’
Uninamise – ‘Godzilla’
Epic B – ‘Rollie’

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