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FACT mix 745: DJ Wawa

Brooklyn’s DJ Wawa uplifts the international techno underground on this effortlessly enjoyable mix.

DJ Wawa has been sprinkling magic on New York City’s vibrant underground techno scene for a few years now, watching it flourish from the center of the dancefloor. He’s a regular fixture at the city’s best parties, and a familiar voice on Twitter, uplifting the “loose international queer and QTPOC techno underground that puts love for music first”.

Wawa has put in his time promoting music, involving himself in a number of influential parties, and as a DJ finds the sparkle in a wide cross-section of genres, fusing a love of US house and techno with fragments of the global dance continuum and the UK’s bass axis. Recently, he has taken his expertise into music production, and has tracks (two of which can be heard on this FACT mix) due for release this year.

His FACT mix is a blend of essential contemporary sounds from Pelada, Loraine James and Logic1000, with nods to veterans like Shed and Wata Igarashi and a moving moment to remember Cherushii, who tragically died in the 2016’s Ghost Ship fire. Put together with love, this is a mix that highlights New York City’s lesser-seen sensitive core.

DJ Wawa is closing NYC’s Dweller Festival on Sunday February 9, playing Newtype Rhythm at Jupiter Disco on March 9 and Fermented Frequencies at Bossa Nova Civic Club on March 2.


R23X – ‘New Area With Difficult Enemies’
Regularfantasy – ‘Plushied’ (Plush Managements Mix)
Loïs Plugged & Fruckie feat. Bravo – ‘Gotta Have House’
Pelada – ‘A Mi Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer’
Denham Audio – ‘Overused Vocal Track 1’
Mustatunturi – ‘Noitarumpu’
Logic1000 – ‘Baddie Part Two’
Body Mechanic – ‘Who Taught U 2 Hate’
Interplanetary Criminal – ‘Maybe’
DJ Nigga Fox – ‘Nhama’
F – ‘Slow Down’
DJ Wawa – ‘Composure’
Loraine James – ‘LJP1’ (W/patten)
Joakim Hellgren – ‘Boy’
Shed – ‘Leave Things’
Cherushii – ‘In Defense of Colors’
Submission – ‘Women Beat Their Men’ (Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub)
Makoto – ‘Different Rhythm’
Aurora Halal – ‘Eternal Blue’ (Wata Igarashi Cruising Remix)
DJ Wawa – ‘We’re Here to Stay (Reluctant Sunrise)’

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