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Fact Mix: Jasmín

The Amsterdam-based selector draws from her Argentinian heritage on her percussive club mix.

“As with most of my sets, this mix travels through different genres and levels of intensity, connected through elements that I am always drawn to and can be found in all kinds of music,” explains Jasmín. “While this happens mostly unconsciously while selecting tracks, it’s quite clear that the main element for me is percussion.” Chasing winding polyrhythms and dubbed-out bass buzz through European, US, UK and Latin American club sounds, the Amsterdam-based selector draws from her Argentinian heritage, alloying restless percussive pulse with depth charge low-end and humid throb.

Here, Scotch Rolex and Shackleton’s creeping pins and needles find purchase in the furtive tension of Dengue Dengue Dengue and the loose clatter of Siete Catorce, Tzusing’s panic attack techno is subsumed into El Irreal Veintiuno’s underworld processional and Small Crab’s sound system skitter opens up the hallucinatory warble of Daniela Lalita. Flexing an uncanny ear for rhythm and an innate feel for mood, Jasmín finds a shared language echoing through her expansive spread of influences.

Beloved for her regular slot at Dekmantel, her exploratory show for Echobox Radio, Petting Dogs, as well as for her own productions, most recently for 3024, Woozy and Patterns Of Perception, the selector remains tapped in to an irresistible global club polyphony, a joyous babble that rings loud and clear through her essential Fact mix.

You can find Jasmín on Instagram and SoundCloud.


Scotch Rolex and Shackleton – ‘The Blue Sun’
Dengue Dengue Dengue – ‘Menestra’
Siete Catorce – ‘Desesperación’
Polygonia – ‘The Desire for Power’
Vardae – ‘Bullet Ant’
Marco Shuttle – ‘Spaziale’
Randomer – ‘Kids Play’
Peder Mannerfelt – ‘Lode Runner’
Talismann – ‘MATAM’
Gotshell – ‘Cataclismo’
Tzusing – ‘Residual Stress’
El Irreal Veintiuno – ‘Mictlán’
Remisería Temperley – ‘Maria Marquez’
El Irreal Veintiuno – ‘Retiembla’
Talismann – ‘Xilverback’
Christian Coiffure – ‘Cave Moss (Jan Loup Natural Anarchy Remix)’
Isabassi – ‘Screw Dislocation’
Human Space Machine – ‘Zone’
Small Crab – ‘AYY + Tokyo’
Daniela Lalita – ‘Atrás’

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