Limp Bizkit sign to Cash Money. Really.

By , Feb 24 2012

If you’re drinking as you read this, be careful not to choke: Limp Bizkit have joined the Cash Money Records roster.

Yesterday evening, Lil Wayne made a surprise call-in to New York station KissFM’s vintage soul show ‘Kissing After Dark’. Even more surprising was his on-air revelation that nu-metallers Limp Bizkit have signed to rap imprint Cash Money Records. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, Bizkit frontman Fred Durst subsequently confirmed the news on his Twitter feed.

The Cash Money portfolio currently includes Drake, Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled.  During the phone-in, Wayne also hinted at Ashanti signing to the label, and revealed he has an ‘old soul’ – not surprising for a man who released his first album at the age of twelve. The label’s last high-profile flirtation with rock was Wayne’s 2010 album Rebirth, a record which could charitably be described as ‘problematic’.

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