Nite Jewel unveils the spartan video for ‘Clive’

By , Jul 11 2012

Nite Jewel’s One Second Of Love had no shortage of glossy moments, and ‘Clive’ was one of the most swoonsome.

José Wolff’s clip is definitely from the ‘Cornerstone’ school of music video design. Ramona Gonzalez, apparently bombed out of her box, rocks and sways in a bedsit. We’re guessing the video’s budget probably doesn’t inch above a tenner (Claire’s Accessories pendant: £5; camera filters: £3; hair conditioner: £2), and, as lo-fi portrait clips go, it’s not a patch on Janelle Monae’s spine-tingling ‘Cold War’ video. Still, if this is what big-budget looks like, we’ll take minimalism every time. You can still stream Nite Jewel’s 2012 FACT mix here.

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