“There’s other companies doing ten times worse”: Swizz Beats talks Megaupload case

By , Jul 26 2012

Swizz Beats has offered some insight into his role in the ongoing comickal-tragedy that is the Megaupload case.

To recap: the producer (known to his mother/the feds as Kasseem Dean) was outed as the CEO of the filesharing organisation earlier this year. His actual role in proceedings, through, has remained pretty ambiguous: he wasn’t named when initial charges were made by the US government, and has since refused to co-operate in the case. After all sorts of legal chicanery, however, Dean has now been mentioned in the latest Megaupload filing, with the authorities appearing to target the musician directly.

In an interview with Al Lindstrom, Dean has now shed a little light on his perspective on the whole affair. Dean claimed that he has never intended to enable illegal downloading: “I’m a fan of music. I’m a fan of people that work hard and I would never be a part of anything that’s taking anything from an artist when I fight so hard to give so much too the artist. What I was doing, I was giving artists 90 percent of their shit”.

Dean also suggested that Megaupload was being unfairly scapegoated: “Sometimes, when something is so powerful and people can’t control it, that type of attack happens and you see that happen with multiple things in life. You see things that are shut down that are unexplainable. I’m like, yo, that company ain’t never been sued for any of those things. You can’t go there and download any of those things. It’s MegaUpload, not MegaDownload. There’s other companies doing ten times worse than that, and they ain’t getting touched.” No mea culpa then, with Dean going no further than to say “time will tell everything”. [via HipHopDX]

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