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Kid Rock’s son has launched a rapping career under the name Bandit.

Robert James Ritchie Jr. has been posting songs on YouTube for a while now, including this version of Young Money’s ‘The Motto’ (choice lines include “Playing y’all like an X-Box / All this damn porn keeps crashin’ on my desktop”, and a reference to “that dead guy Socrates”),  but has now taken the Bandit name, releasing a free EP (though the Bandit website now claims that he’s simply called Robert James now – you know what kids are like when it comes to making their mind up). You can stream that EP’s lead track ‘Rollin in the City’ below.

According to MLive (via All Hip-Hop), Robert James will be opening for Yelawolf at a forthcoming show at Eastern Michigan’s Pease Auditorium. We’re guessing that in the hierarchy of artists to ride Kid Rock’s coattails to fame, he’ll end up ranking higher than Uncle Kracker but will never top Joe C.

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