Rob Booth's Electronic Explorations starts label, announces debut 12" by Akkord and more

Electronic Explorations, the long-running website and podcast series by Rob Booth, will release its first record at the end of this month. 

The website, which turns five years old in November, has always been heavily influenced by both ’90s techno (Booth frequently cites Dave Clarke and Underground Resistance as heroes) and the UK underground, with many leading figures in the latter sphere (James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Ramadanman, Shackleton) having contributed podcasts at an early stage in their careers.

Earlier this year, Electronic Explorations released a Bandcamp compilation of over 60 tracks, and now, some of the highlights of the package will be released on vinyl. EE:V:001 features four tracks, from anonymous duo Akkord, dubstepper Ruckspin, Bristol upstart and former FACT mixer Kahn, and perhaps most interestingly, the first officially released music from Milanese since 2009 – the formally Planet Mu-signed producer “retired” following that year’s Lockout. 

EE:V:001 comes on heavyweight vinyl, and will be in stores by the end of the month.

On top of this, Booth – who now has an A&R job at Fabric, though the Electronic Explorations label remains separate – has started a bi-monthly residency in collaboration with Inverted Audio at Stoke Newington’s Waiting Rooms – formally The Drop. For more information on that, click here.

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