James Murphy collaborating with Kathleen Hanna's Julie Ruin

The riot grrrl pioneer worked with the busiest talent in indie music.

Pitchfork reports (from an interview with The A.V. Club) that Kathleen Hanna’s revived and revamped project The Julie Ruin will release an album in the spring.

Included among the 20-odd tracks that have been recorded for the album is a collaboration with LCD Soundsystem main man James Murphy. Titled ‘Just My Kind’, the tracks were recorded by Andre Kelman of Oscilloscope Studios. “James came in and worked with him to put the icing on the cake,” said Hanna. “It was really exciting because we’ve known each other for over ten years but never worked together.”

She elaborated: “The song [Murphy] gravitated to is called ‘Just My Kind’ and is what I like to call a “desperate, pleading” love song. We were all surprised when he chose it because the rest of the record is so different. ‘Just My Kind’ is definitely the only song [Julie Ruin/Bikini Kill bassist Kathi Wilcox] played stand up bass on! She’d never played stand up before and just walked over and grabbed it and figured it out. Thank god she had saddle shoes on that day because it added that “magic moment” feeling you get in the studio sometimes.”

Contrary to early reports, Murphy did work with The Arcade Fire on their new album. He says he didn’t work with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but we’ll see if that holds true, as well.

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