DJ Shadow has promised to upload the set that got him ignobly booted off the decks in Miami.

Earlier this week, a video did the rounds of DJ Shadow being kicked off the decks at Miami’s Mansion club.  Shadow told the crowd – many of whom had paid $30 to see him – that his set had been terminated on account of being “too future”, and later challenged the promoters on Twitter. Cue much apoplexy from fans (just take a peek at our comments section).

As Mixmag report, Shad has since thanked the hordes who took to the web to express their astonishment/outrage: “I appreciate everyone’s support. Obviously I should have never been booked there in the first place. Square peg in a round hole, etc #iDoMe”. He also revealed that he was told to sling his hook after playing too much d’n’b: “Ironically it was drum and bass that broke the camel’s back(!) Note to self…play more drum and bass!!! Or maybe it was all the trap & juke that preceded it…I dunno”.

Most interesting, however, was Shadow’s promise to upload the offending set onto the web. Shadow promised to “get the set up on soundcloud soon so every1 can enjoy. Happy Holidays!”. There’s no sign of it on his Soundcloud page as yet, but we’d advise keeping your eyes peeled over the next day or two.

The notorious video is below.

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