The man behind Endtroducing… is apparently more of an acquired taste than you might expect. 

On Friday, the Cali legend was playing at Miami’s Mansion nightclub as part of his ongoing All Bases Covered tour. As the poster shows, the night was very much advertised as a Shadow-centric night. Things, however, didn’t quite go to plan.

Video footage, available below, shows Shadow’s set being cut short midway through Krampfhaft’s skittering ‘Spit Thunder’. A promoter whispers to Shadow, who subsequently cuts the music and tells the crowd the show is over. In his words: “I’ve waited a long time to play here, but they said this shit is too future for all y’all”. Shadow was subsequently replaced by the somewhat less estimable DJ No Máz. Tickets, it should be noted, were $30.

Shadow later took to Twitter to write: “I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet. I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ…ever” Mansion have previous in this respect: back in February, the club terminated a set from highly regarded NY house DJ Dennis Ferrer. According to Ferrer, he’d been told his music wasn’t “commercial enough”. [via Pigeons And Planes]



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