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Lil B eliminated from contest, won’t be playing Grammys

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    17 Jan 2013
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    Lil B
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Lil B eliminated from contest, won't be playing Grammys

Adding a bit of intrigue: did contest organizers remove Lil B from the running?

Yesterday, we reported that Lil B was on the ballot for the Grammys’ “Gig of the Lifetime”. Despite the best efforts of his Task Force, the Based God did not make it to the second round of voting in the contest.

However, as Pitchfork reports, there might have been foul play behind the scenes. As this screenshot taken earlier shows, Lil B did not appear in search results; the search function has now been removed from the site. Maybe we’re grasping at straws, but it would have been great to see Lil B win the contest. Instead, LA pop punks King the Kid have won the Pacific region. Good luck, guys.



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