Waka Flocka Flame clarifies beef with Gucci Mane

By , Mar 28 2013

It was all so simple once, but the two ex-friends are knee-deep in beef right now, with each new day yielding more tension.

Waka was on the offensive this time, stating on Rapfix Live that the duo’s business relationship was well and truly over. This comes after Gucci’s management claimed that the incendiary tweet that started the whole thing was actually down to a hack, but then we’ve all heard that before, right? Waka was a skeptical as we were, saying “That Twitter wasn’t hacked because we had a conversation before that. Real aggressive words like, ‘Ni**a let’s get up, let’s do this.’ “, he went on to add “I don’t wanna do no music with him. I don’t want no business with him. Nothing, I don’t feel nothing he say out his mouth. It ain’t real.”

This feels pretty final, and following a sly lyrical diss at the recent Dipset reunion which found him change  “Free my brother Gucci” to “Fuck that nigga Gucci”, we reckon that this time the breakup might be for real. Certainly when Gucci’s current legal troubles are taken into consideration, it suggests that the prolific rapper is not really in a good place at the moment; Waka himself stated “I greet fans. He punches fans. It’s a difference.” but off-handedly wished him at least a little bit of support noting “I don’t wish jail or death on nobody. That’s foul”.

The big question is, what’s going to happen to Brick Squad? Well Waka has suggested that while he owns a percentage of Gucci’s 1017 Brick Squad, he owns the full share of Brick Squad Monopoly, so we might be due two warring Brick Squads from now on. At least it’ll be interesting. [via AllHipHop]

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