Diddy pressed to manage Jeremih; will executive produce next album Thumpy Johnson

By , Jul 1 2013

He’ll fuck you all the time.

Diddy’s got a rocky track record when it comes to managing artists, sure he had success with Biggie, but we all know how that turned out. In recent years the Svengali and occasional producer has at least put out on excellent album (the underrated Last Train to Paris) so it’s hardly all bad news. His latest conquest appears to be young crooner Jeremih, whose 2012 mixtape Late Nights With… was an office favourite around these parts.

Speaking to Rap-Up, Jeremih said “As of two months ago, P. Diddy and James Cruz actually took over my management, I’m out here doing a lot more work now.”

Make of that what you will but with that kind of power behind him, there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing a lot more from Jeremih in the months to come. What exactly this might mean for the long-promised Thumpy Johnson LP, only time will tell. [via Fake Shore Drive]

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