When you’re a horror fan, you quickly learn to get used to having your favourite stories ripped up and pissed all over, a fact that made Tales From the Crypt all the more remarkable.

Adapting the influential run of E.C. comicbooks into short vignettes for US TV behemoth HBO, the show was an unmitigated success, and Danny Elfman’s memorable theme was the icing on the cake. As Halloween draws ever nearer, bespoke vinyl imprint Mondo have managed to secure the rights to the haunting theme and are set to issue it on 7″.

Of course this is Mondo we’re talking about, so it’s never that simple and there are going to be three separate editions – the first sports ‘Ghoulish’ Gary’s awesome die-cut eyeball sleeve (above), the second is graced by Randy Ortiz’s illustration of the iconic Crypt Keeper and contains a blood-red disc, and the third is housed in ‘Ghoulish’ Gary’s re-interpretation of a piece of classic E.C. artwork and features a slime green disc.

Elfman’s theme will be backed by the hilarious ‘Crypt Jam’ (which you can hear below), a slick slice comical new jack swing with the Crypt Keeper on the mic – oh yes. [via Modern Vinyl]

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