See the explosive effect Beyoncé’s shock album release had on Twitter

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    18 Dec 2013
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Beyoncé‘s self-titled fifth album dropped to the surprise of everyone at midnight (EST) on Friday December 13.

Apart from spawning countless think pieces and a flurry of reviews that talk more about the unorthodox deployment than the music itself, Beyoncé managed to have a surprising impact on Twitter. It shouldn’t really be too surprising given that the album has notched up almost a million sales already (and that’s with iTunes as the sole retailer), but even though most of the East Coast were tucked up ready for bed (it was a school night, after all) the word still spread fast.

Twitter’s visualization of the exact moment of the drop is fascinating, and while the whole thing can be viewed here, Buzzfeed have put together a number of animated GIFs to highlight the specific moments of activity.

Below shows the regular Thursday evening Twitter activity.


Here’s what happened in the U.S. when the album appeared at midnight.


This is the same time over in the U.K.


And here’s the entire world.



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