Keysound upstart Wen remixes 'Ways of Seeing' by Brighton newcomers MAO

The pirate radio obsessive takes on an anonymous duo.

MAO debuted earlier this month with the lush, chirping electronica of ‘Ways Of Seeing’, which features the soulful vocals of Tracey Duodu from 14th.

The remix by Keysound producer Wen benefits from addition by subtraction: it’s a dubbed-out reworking that plays with white space, two-step rhythms and — as Wen has done previously — suspends the vocals in the ether.

Stream the remix below. The original is out now; remixes by Let The Machines Do The Work, Copy Paste Soul, Franskild and 2nd Sun are due on June 23. FACT spoke with Wen earlier this year about his debut album Signals.

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