Prince reinvents the AMA format in spectacularly crap fashion. 

As Consequence of Sound report, Prince activated an official Facebook account yesterday. In order to kick off the page with a bang, Prince announced a live Q&A in the traditional manner: “Join Prince for an exclusive Q&A on Facebook right here at 12pm PT/ 3PM EST!! Submit your questions below!!!” Predictably, an onslaught of fan questions followed, taking in everything from his attitude to YouTube to possible movie plans.

As it happened, that “exclusive Q&A” ended up being something else entirely. Prince took until about 3pm PT – three hours later – to answer the (rather speccy) first question: “Please address the importance of ALL music being tuned to 432hz sound frequencies??” The Purple One responded with a solitary link to an article. 

In the 10 hours since that response, Prince hasn’t deigned to answer another question. Good work, everyone.

Yet another reason for Tricky to chuck out his Prince collection, it seems. Head here to check our guide to the 10 best Prince songs you never knew existed.


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