Coyote looks north for its next single.

T_A_M hails from Aberdeen, in the far (like, really far) north of Scotland. He’s released a fair amount of music over the last few years, on labels like Tuff Wax, Hot Mom and Apothecary Compositions, and although he’s sometimes lumped in with instrumental grime (he’s played regularly on the Boxed show and collaborates with Tarquin), some of his strongest work feels more aligned with the super-swung drums of early Blawan and Ramadanman – but with big, bold synth melodies.

On March 4, he’ll debut on Coyote (home of Spokes, Last Japan, Tom E. Vercetti and more) with ‘Watty’, a power drum anthem backed with a flip from Tarquin. Stream it below and look out for the pre-order next week:

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