Previously on The Continuing Adventures Of The Wu-Tang Clan:

Pharmaceutical price-gouger and current Wu nemesis Martin Shkreli has threatened to destroy Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the one-of-a-kind album that he purchased for $2 million. Though Wu leader RZA has said Shkreli “can do what he wants” with the album since he bought it, Ghostface Killah bluntly called him a “shithead” for his unethical business practices and said he should return the album to “the people”.

An attention-starved Shkreli has now released a video attempting to diss the Iron Man, calling him “dumb” and an “old man who’s lost his relevance”. While surrounded by henchmen, Shkreli threatens to erase Ghostface’s contributions from the album unless he receives a handwritten apology. Later, he mocks Wu-Tang member Killah Priest for a cocaine arrest. Watch the video below via TMZ.

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