The Pudel will rise from the ashes.

The current owners at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel have released a statement following what police believe was an arson attack last Saturday night that left the iconic nightclub severely damaged.

“We, the Pudel and Park Fiction, would like to thank you from our hearts for your sympathies. The reaction in the past weeks and especially now after the fire has been massive. We have received messages of solidarity from Hamburg, the whole country, and from all over the world—along with ideas, visions and offers of help.

“All of this gives us courage and the hope of rebuilding the Pudel very soon. We hope to see you all soon at the club,” reads the statement.

The club was already enduring a dispute between the building’s two owners, which would have seen the building go up for auction in April. The club organisers had promised to respond in an attempt to save the famed DIY venue.

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