Serato DJ’s latest beta lets DJs play with a subscription.

Serato has released a public beta of version 1.9 of its Serato DJ software, which features support for DJ streaming service Pulselocker.

Billed as “the first music streaming service built just for DJs”, the San Francisco-based startup launched in 2013 and allows DJs to stream or download offline tracks for use with DJ software.

The addition of Pulselocker support to Serato DJ was announced in 2015, and follows its adoption by Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software, which added integration for the service last month.

If you want to try out Serato DJ with Pulselocker you can download the update from the Serato website, but you’ll need a Pulselocker subscription, which isn’t cheap – especially if you’re also using Spotify.

Plans start at $9.99 per month, but you’ll need the $19.99 pro plan if you want to use it with Serato DJ. You can however take advantage of a two-week free trial if you haven’t used it yet.

The addition of Pulselocker support comes shorty after the launch of Serato Pyro, an app that creates party mixes without the need for a DJ.

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