Musical microbiology.

Antwood, aka Tristan Douglas, has joined the Planet Mu family and will release his debut LP, Virtuous.scr, on April 29.

The album is inspired by the development of artificial intelligence and the title references “the darker corners of the Internet, as reflected in its track titles,” according to Planet Mu. 

One of FACT’s 10 club producers to keep an eye on this year, the Canadian microbiologist was signed to Planet Mu after Mike Paradinas picked up his Work Focus EP on B.YRSLF DIVISION, which was released under the previous Margaret Antwood moniker.

There are no tracks to listen to from the album as yet but here’s a Margaret Antwood cut to whet your appetite.

ZIQ378_Antwood (1)


01. a.l.i.c.i.a
02. Anthracite
03. Overlay Network
04. Lung
05. Interlude Part II
06. Sneakers
07. Spirit Fabric
08. Prototype HA
09. Realization
11. Uncanny Valley
12. Yontoo How To Get Rid

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