The Coloring Book rapper is recognised for his anti-gun violence activism.

Chance the Rapper has been appointed to the board of trustees at the DuSable Museum of African-American History in Chicago. The Chicago-born rapper and his father, Ken Bennett, were praised by the museum for their commitment to community activism.

The Smithsonian-affiliated institution described Chance as “a champion for promoting racial justice”.

“Hailing from the West Chatham neighborhood, Bennett has become one of music’s most prominent and prolific artists and was named a 2015 ‘Chicagoan of the Year’ by Chicago Magazine. Thanks to his work actively combating gun violence in Chicago, Chance the Rapper has been a champion for promoting racial justice throughout the city and the nation.”

His father, formerly an aide to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and now an adviser at tourism body Choose Chicago, was praised for his “deep commitment to community organizing and local politics in Chicago, and his work as an aide to the Obama administration.”

This week Chance and Childish Gambino hinted that they’re back to work on their long-rumored collaboration. [via Fader]

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