The band set the record straight in a new interview.

In January, photos of Elastica back in the studio together surfaced online, leading fans to speculate that the Britpop troupe could be reuniting after 20 years apart.

However, in an interview with Uncut, the band revealed they were at Abbey Road to check out a new cut of their debut album, which is being reissued for Record Store Day 2017.

The album will be repackaged with a fanzine and flexi disc featuring ‘In The City’, taken from their John Peel session, but Elastica fans will be disappointed to hear that a reunion is not on the horizon.

In the interview with Uncutdrummer Justin Welch explained that he had been “trying to put the record together with everyone’s help, but it’s been via email.”

“When Rough Trade said they were going to cut the record at Abbey Road, I thought it would be a nice suggestion to put it out – who wants to come?,” he said. “Obviously Justine couldn’t come because she was in America, but for the others it was like, yeah, let’s meet for a cup of tea at Abbey Road – but we didn’t actually listen to a lot of the cutting of the record because we were just gassing.”

Frontwoman Justine Frischmann, who was noticeably absent from January’s photos, told the publication she had “no thoughts on reforming,” while also reflecting on her time with the band. “Honestly, I don’t think many people get to experience that kind of trajectory and I’m so grateful to have experienced that feeling.

“But the cons were that we did way too much too soon and it got bigger than any of us were ready for, or wanted. One minute we were touring in a van, lying on top of the amps and it was us against the world. The next, we had buses and trucks and catering and so many crew we didn’t even know who half of them were.”

Elastica dropped their acclaimed debut No.1 album in 1995, which was followed by The Menace in 2000. After the release of final single ‘The Bitch Don’t Work’ in 2001, the band announced their break-up.

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