More details of last weekend’s harrowing incident have been uncovered.

Authorities are currently searching for a man named Arthur Collins, who is believed to be the perpetrator of an acid attack committed early morning this past Monday at East London club Mangle E8, the Evening Standard reports. Twenty people were injured in the attack and two victims have since been moved to specialist burn hospital in Essex, but are both in stable condition.

A residence in Hertfordshire believed to be where Collins lives was raided by the Metropolitan Police on Monday night after a warrant for his arrest was issued in connection with the attack.

Collins, a 25-year-old businessman, was recently engaged to former The Only Way is Essex star Ferrne McCann. “Ferne is aware that the police wish to speak to Arthur Collins and the nature of the accusations against him,” a spokesperson for the reality star said. The two were recently on the cover of OK Magazine detailing their marriage plans.

Read more details of the attack here.

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