The south London queer disco mainstays unleash their first original recording.

Horse Meat Disco are known for putting on one of London’s best club nights and now the crate-mining DJ crew have pooled their ideas into a debut single release.

James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Luke Howard and Severino Panzetta first launched their weekly queer party Horse Meat Disco in Soho 14 years ago, before moving to The Eagle in Vauxhall and acquiring an international following.

The four-person collective have also released a series of compilations and remixes and in 2009 started up their eponymous label, which has put out four EPs of disco edits.

Their first original release “is a nostalgic collaboration between good friends and eclectic tastes,” according to RA. An “’80s-inspired soul pop record that came from a love of early-morning dancing.”

Originally produced by HMD and Darren Morris, lyrics were written and sung by long-time friend ROY INC. DJ and producer Luke Solomon then added live strings, horns and drums to the demo to create the definitive version.

‘Waiting For You To Call’ is out on June 30. Preview a sample of the track over at Redeye and pre-order the single from Phonica.

Last October, the veteran DJs joined forces with Hackney’s Deep Throat Choir for their first ever live show.

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