The star of Niger’s reimagining of Purple Rain releases a new album of “music for desert picnics.”

Sahel Sounds are set to release a new album by Tuareg guitar innovator Mdou Moctar.

Out September 1, Sousoume Tamachek sees the Abalak, Niger-born star explore “themes of religion, spirituality and matters of the heart.” Across eight tracks of calabash-led, dreamy desert rock, the LP brings to life unrecorded “takit” compositions from Moctar’s youth.

Check out the title track and see the tracklist below. Mdou Moctar is set to embark on his very first US tour later this year.


01. ‘Anar’
02. ‘Sousoume Tamachek’
03. ‘Tanzaka’
04. ‘Ilmouloud’
05. ‘Allagh N-Tarha’
06. ‘Nikali Talit’
07. ‘Amidini’
08. ‘Amer Iyn’

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