To celebrate the club night’s eighth birthday.

Veteran DJ Andy Blake has been pumping blood into the London rave scene for years and now his beloved club night World Unknown, which he co-founded with Joe Hart in 2009, is reviving its label with its first 12″ release in four years.

Formed in collaboration with The Rising Sun Collective’s Scott Bowley, it promises to support “a wide range of artists, both young guns and older heads.”

The World Unknown label marks its return with the WU3001 EP, featuring tracks from “one of the new generation of kids from the WU dancefloor,” Mo Reece and “older WU head,” Flight Mode. The ‘C Mo Futur / Ancient Light’ 12″ is available to buy via Phonica now.

World Unknown celebrates its eighth birthday on November 10 with a party at east London’s Bloc. See a flyer below.

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