Richie Hawtin's 'Dimension Intrusion' re-issued

By , Aug 3 2009

Richie Hawtin certainly gets a lot of stick in these pages, but we’d never dream of denying the man’s genius, especially in the early to mid-90s period when he was focussed more on music than silly merchandising ideas.

One of Hawtin’s finest album-length statements from that era is 1993’s Dimension Intrusion, which he made under his F.U.S.E. guise.

From the Detroit-influenced synth drama of ‘A New Day’ and ‘Another Time’ to the freaked acid-techno of ‘F.U.’ and ‘Substance Abuse’, via mellifluous ambient and tough-as-nails electro, this is a record which really demonstrates Hawtin’s range as a producer, and it’s also one of his most melodic, immediate works, undoubtedly flawed in places but characterful all the way. 

Unsurprisingly the album was relicensed by Warp Records: it accorded perfectly with the label’s then fetish for "electronic listening music", and sonically it fits neatly beside some Autechre and Aphex records of similar vintage.

Dimension Intrusion has been out of print for some years, but this month sees Hawtin bringing it back into circulation via his own Plus8 imprint. The re-issue doesn’t have any extra tracks, but it doesn’t really need them: not enough people have heard Dimension Intrusion in the first place, and this fresh opporunity for them to do so is good news enough.

Also love the artwork, which is by Hawtin’s brother, Matthew. 


1. A New Day2. F.U.3. Slac4. Dimension Intrusion5. Substance Abuse6. Train-Trac.17. Another Time (Revisited)8. Theychx9. UVA10. Mantrax11. Nitedrive12. Into The Space13. Logikal Nonsense

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