Dream-pop duo The Hundred In The Hands remixed by Various Production

By , Mar 16 2010

Today’s Daily Download is a remix of one of our favourite songs of last year, by one of our favourite production outfits of the past decade.

The Hundred In The Hands are a Brooklyn-hailing duo whose brand of coarsing dream-pop is far more sophisticated and satisfying than that spewed out by the majority of bands who share their area code, leading them to be signed by Warp Records.

Their track ‘Dressed In Dresden’, something of an anthem in its own right, has now been remixed by Various Production, the London DJ/studio outfit whose role in the formation of dubstep has been all too often underplayed. Part of the reason for this is their persistent singularity and desire to try new things, something that comes across in this remix, which sets the original’s divine vocal against starlit synths, panning sub-bass and a stripped-back steppers’ rhythm that is more minimal d’n’b than dubstep, and will appeal to fans of Instra:mental and d-Bridge as well as those simply after some innovatively-rendered pop music. Everyone’s a winner, basically.

Download: The Hundred In The Hands – Dressed In Dresden (Various Remix)
(Available for seven days)

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