Vex’d, Pinch, Joker and more will appear on a new compilation, celebrating five years of Multiverse and titled Dark Matter.

Formed in 2004, Bristol’s Multiverse is the creative studio that acts as an umbrella to hometown labels Tectonic, Kapsize, Earwax, Caravan and Build, with a recording and production facility on Whiteladies Road.

This double-CD release offers a selection of highlights from the studio’s recent history, including Vex’d’s industrial dubstep classics ‘Lion’ and ‘Pop Pop’, Joker and Ginz’ anthem ‘Purple City’ and Pinch’s untouchable ‘Qawwali’. Pinch appeaes again, in the form of ‘War Dub’, a collaboration with P Dutty that appeared in the film Children of Men, and ‘Get Up’, with Massive Attack collaborator Yolanda.

There are also contributions from emptyset, 2562, Loefah, Skream, October and Moving Ninja.

In other Multiverse news, Pinch’s Tectonic label have announced a new quarterly residency at London’s Fabric. The first party will be on June 11, when Skream, Kuedo (Jamie Vex’d), Youngsta, Kryptic Minds, Pursuit Grooves and DJ ThinKing join Pinch at the club. You can hear a Fabric promo mix by Pinch here.

Disc One
1. Vex’d – Lion
2. Circuit Breaker – Phonque (October remix)
3. Moving Ninja – Witchdokta
4. Pinch & P Dutty – War Dub
5. S.N.O – Disturbance
6. Skream – Bahl Fwd
7. Joker – Stuck in the System
8. The Body snatchers – Big Ass Mini Skirt
9. 2562 – Techno Dread
10. Joker & Ginz – Purple City
11. Pinch ft. Yolanda – Get Up (RSD remix)
12. Baobinga & ID – Tongue Riddim

Disc Two
1. Vex’d – Pop Pop
2. Loefah & Skream – 28 Grams
3. Cyrus – Indian Stomp
4. Pinch – Qawwali / Brighter Day
5. Loefah – System
6. Moving Ninja – Uranium
7. October – Three Drops
8. Joker – Psychedelic Runway
9. October – Euro Dance Hit
10. Emptyset – Gate 4
11. 2562 – Unbalance
12. Emptyset – Demian



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