Cassie: ‘Official Girl’ (Deadboy remix)

By , May 14 2010

Available on: Cash Antics Vol. 1, Well Rounded 12″
Stream clips here

The source material on ‘Official Girl’ is pretty flawless – Cassie’s brilliant, and Lil Wayne’s always great when he’s a) talking about giving oral sex in the way that most rappers won’t (“I’ll never diss you / and I’ll kiss you / on your little pearl”) and b) thinking he’s said something really clever when he actually hasn’t (“I know I can make you come… right back!”). In the video of the original he gives an amazing wink to the camera at this point.

Deadboy, of dizzy house anthems ‘U Cheated’ and ‘If U Want Me’ doesn’t do much on this edit bar speed up the vocal, add a drum loop and a sea-sick, loping synth melody, but it works brilliantly. You can’t really ask for more on a 12” bootleg with a pair of tits on the sticker, can you? There’s a reason this one goes off.

Tom Lea

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