The Mystery Jets have always been pretty ace in our books.

Once best known for having vocalist and songwriter Blaine Harrison’s dad in the band, they booted him out when they got famous enough to get laid after live shows (note: this may or may not be true), and have made some of the most enjoyable indie music of the last half a decade, including the barn-storming ‘Can’t Fool Me Dennis’, ‘Two Doors Down’ and ‘Diamonds in the Dark’.

The band recently released their third album proper, Serotonin, and with it have made a promotional mixtape that we’re giving away exclusively at FACT. Compiled by Blaine, it’s packed with idiosyncratic, delicate pop and features a specially designed “mixtape for FACT magazine” intro that makes us feel dead fuzzy inside. A bit like the Mystery Jets’ songs do, actually.

Download: Mystery Jets mixtape for FACT



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