Demdike Stare will release the third and final limited vinyl album in their 2010 trilogy on November 29.

Entitled Voices Of Dust, it follows Forest Of Evil and Liberation Through Hearing, and consists of nine tracks over 50 minutes. As usual with Demdike, it’s a melting pot of arcane influences, from ethnic jazz and power electronics to techno and (in their own words) “bellydance disco”. It’s being issued by Manchester’s Modern Love label, with artwork by Andy Votel.

Forest Of Evil, Liberation Through Hearing and Voices Of Dust will be compiled as a triple CD, Tryptych, incorporating bonus material for release in December. Last week saw the release of a new Demdike Stare mix CD, Industrial Desert.

1. Black Sun
2. Hashshashin Chant
3. Repository Of Light
4. Of Decay & Shadows
5. Rain & Shame
6. Desert Ascetic
7. Viento de Levante
8. Leptonic Matter
9. A Tale Of Sand

UPDATE: We’ve just got hold of a Voices Of Dust 12″ to give away. If you’d like to win one of these lovely limited pieces of wax, simply e-mail your name and the word ‘Demdike’ to The winner will be notified on or before October 18.



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