Eclair Fifi mixes it up for Urb

By , Jun 17 2011

Hands up, now The Feed’s gone we probably don’t link to other site’s mixes as much as we should.

This beaut of a session for Urb magazine, by LuckyMe’s Eclair Fifi, is worth making an exception for. From a technical point of view it’s competent, but it’s the selection where Fifi really excels, with Underground Resistance, Twista, Rick Ross, Boddika, Devo and more all sitting next to each other like the most natural thing in the world, bound by tempo and big colourful synths. There’s also a handclap-heavy new Hud Mo track, ‘Foxy Boxing’, which is just brilliant. Oh, and Alice Deejay.

Download: Eclair Fifi – Urb mix

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