Legendary industrial / noise / post-punk bastards Swans have a new live album out. Buying it will help fund a new Swans studio album titled The Seer.

The live album takes the form of a double-CD titled We Rose from you Bed with the Sun in our Head. It’s been handmade and assembled with a two colour woodblock print sleeve of an original drawing by Swans band-leader Michael Gira [above]. Limited to 1000 copies, each individual package is signed and numbers by Gira, and features exclusive solo recordings of songs written for The Seer [via The Wire].

That’s not all, however. Like Earth’s Dylan Carlson, who recently turned to kick-starting to fund a new solo album, Gira is offering eight different ways of purchasing the double-CD, all of which include different extras (including Gira writing a song about you) and cost varying amounts of money. The full list of options is as follows:

1. buy hand made web only 2x live swans cd with original signed and numbered woodblock print sleeve made from drawing by m.gira – $30
2. as above AND RECEIVE 2xcd deluxe digi-pack signed version of Swans The Seer immediately upon release: $45
3. as in option 1 AND RECEIVE 2xcd deluxe digi-pack signed version of Swans The Seer, website/tour exclusive package that includes live swans dvd from 2010/11 tours – $55
4. OPTION 3 AND RECEIVE “executive producer” credit in upcoming swans studio album – $100
5. OPTION 3, AND 4 PLUS an original unique drawing by m.gira dedicated to customer (see example below) – $150
6. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5 PLUS be on guest list and meet band for one show on upcoming swans tour(s) 2012/13 – $175
7. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5, 6, plus, AND YES THIS IS REAL m.gira will record a simple, short, original song, acoustic guitar and voice, with customers’ name in the song, praising the customer, and send customer an mp3 of the song – $500
8. OPTION 3, AND 4, 5, 6, 7 and contribute an additional $100 or more over option 7, and receive undying gratitude, and a secret gift.

If somebody picks option eight, please get in touch and tell us what the secret gift entails. We’re hoping for a dead policeman, a sodomized slave, or something else that references classic Swans, but it’ll probably just be a lock of Jane Jarboe’s hair.

We Rose from your Bed is available to purchase now from the Young God store.


disc one:
1. intro/no words no thoughts
2. jim
3. beautiful child
4. the apostate
5. yr property
6. sex god sex
disc two:
1. the seer (intro)/ i crawled
2. eden prison
3. 93 ave. b blues / little mouth…
demos/special website only recordings:
4. hello there
5. lunacy
6. the mother of the world
7. the daughter brings the water
8. a piece of the sky
9. the seer
10. goodbye.




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