‘Natalia’s Song’-gate: Reark submits video evidence against Zomby

By , Feb 8 2012

One of the big talking points of last month revolved around Zomby’s 2011 single ‘Natalia’s Song’.

In short, a hitherto unknown produced called Reark uploaded a loop to his Soundcloud that was basically ‘Natalia’s Song’ without the drums. He claimed that he’d made the track, solo, in October 2007, and had sent Zomby the loop after the 4AD producer had got in touch asking to collaborate on the track. Three years later, the track gets released on 4AD, who, after talking to Reark on the matter, agree to credit him with the track.

Given the fact that Reark’s now been credited by the label, you’d think the issue would be over, but after disputes of his claim online, he’s posted up a detailed video on YouTube of him going through the track, and its individual components, which seems to prove things outright:

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