Burial’s new EP, Kindred is out.

The actual vinyl single hasn’t hit shops yet, but the digital is available now from Hyperdub’s online store. The EP, Burial’s first release since his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it limited edition collaboration with Massive Attack, was first announced in December, and Scratcha DVA debuted one of the tracks that makes up its b-side, ‘Ashtray Wasp’, on Rinse FM shortly after.

If anyone had worried about a generation of imitators tainting Burial’s style, then ‘Kindred’ should immediately put a stop to that – while immediately reminding the copycats who’s boss. With sharp percussion that could be as indebted to the precision drums of Photek as it is UK garage, there’s also hints of Slimzee-era grime in the track’s bassline – that is, after it’s been torched and stubbed out. In short, it’s a beast and you need to hear it.

Stream: Burial – Kindred EP




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