The new single from Mark Stewart – leader of The Pop Group – is a collaboration with Primal Scream, and features remixes by Pinch and JD Twitch.

Douglas Hart’s video for the song, ‘Autonomia’ [embedded below], appeared online last month. Featuring Primal Scream’s Bobbie Gillespie, it’s apparently about the death of Carlo Giuliani, who was killed at the G8 demonstrations in Genoa in 2001. It will also appear in slightly extended form on Stewart’s upcoming album The Politics of Envy, due to be released in late March.

For the single release, Pinch and JD Twitch (Optimo) have supplied two remixes each. The Bristol-based dubstepper guts the source material – retaining little more than Stewart’s vocal refrain of “Keepin’ the dream alive” – for his ‘Apocalyptic Rework’ and more stripped-down dub version. Twitch’s ‘Total Destruction’ mix appears in both vocal and instrumental form, and is heavy, chaotic avant-funk in the style of vintage Pop Group, and especially Mark Stewart + The Maffia’s 1983 LP Learning To Cope With Cowardice.

1. Autonomia (Radio Mix)
2. Autonomia (Pinch’s Apocalyptic Rework)
3. Autonomia (Pinch’s Apocalyptic Dub)
4. Autonomia (JD Twitch’s Total Destruction)
5. Autonomia (JD Twitch’s Total Destruction Instrumental)



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