Pretty high on the list of things we didn’t expect to be reporting today: French techno legend Laurent Garnier has signed to Ed Banger.

Pedro ‘Busy P’ Winter’s label has apparently been making in-roads to release Garnier’s material for years, and according to Juno Plus sealed the deal to sign his new EP, Timeless, with “some Mojitos on the beach”.

Garnier, who’s been releasing dance music for over two decades and for years helmed his own label in F Communications, has clearly changed his mind about Ed Banger – synonymous with the crunching sound pushed by their key artists Justice, SebastiAn and Mr. Oizo – since 2009, when in a Resident Advisor interview he referred to them as “all about marketing and how to exist in the scene, even without making music.”

There have always been tons of French producers”, Garnier continued in that piece. “But now you see them more because it’s all about the image. You know what? A lot of the new guys now, we wouldn’t have signed them to F Communications, because it’s not our thing. Musically it doesn’t excite us at all. Some of them I like—I’m not saying it’s all crap—but a lot of it just doesn’t talk to me. I feel a lot of it is marketing more than anything else.”

Still, things change. There’s no release date for Timeless as yet, but it will feature the following tracklist:

Timeless tracklist:

1. Jacques In The Box
2. Our Futur loud disco mix
3. Our Futur deeper Detroit mix



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