Main Attrakionz 808s & Dark Grapes II, a high-ranker in FACT’s 50 best albums of 2011, has been released on vinyl for the first time, by Type Records.

The mixtape, originally released for free through Mishka, still represents one of the best full-lengths from the infinitely prolific Oakland rap duo, who have worked with Clams Casino, Keyboard Kid, A$AP Rocky and more.

John ‘Xela’ Twells’ label, who last year issued Clams Casino’s free Instrumentals mixtape on double-vinyl, might be turning the same trick twice here, but no one should complain about this music getting a physical release – in fact, with current hip-hop resembling an endless sea of free mixtapes, you could argue it’s vital for potential classics to be archived in this manner.

The initial run of 808s & Dark Grapes vinyl has been pressed as a purple double-12″ pack, and is out now.



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