Distal announces debut album for Tectonic

By , Mar 1 2012

Pinch’s label will release Civilization on April 30.

It features thirteen tracks from the Atlantan producer, known for his high energy hybrids of dubstep, juke, Southern hip hop and whatever else happens to be lying around.

You can stream a track from the album, courtesy of the Boiler Room, below. ‘Gorilla’ is about as hulking as it sounds, walking a fine line between a dead-eyed halfstep and something altogether bouncier – if it’s any indicator, the album will show a clear debt to Tectonic’s illustrious discography without slipping into reverent pastiche.

Distal will also tour the UK in May and June – dates to be announced.

1. The Sun
2. Feed Me
3. Preach On Hustle
4. Around The Fire
5. Venom
6. Rattlesnake
7. House Party Five
8. Drop Like This
9. Gorilla
10. Anti Cool
11. Temple People
12. Boca Ratawn
13. She Wears Pearls

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