Dolphins into the Future has a new album out, titled Canto Arquipélago.

Released on Underwater Peoples (past Dolphins albums have arrived on Not Not Fun and Taped Sounds), it’s another chapter in one of the most consistently beguiling musical paths around. There’s Radiophonic squiggles, gorgeous drifting synth melodies, and it’s just another world, basically. For some background, Canto Arquipélago is inspired by and dedicated to the Azores, a “remarkably beautiful volcanic archipelago” situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

As Dolphins’ Lievan Martins puts it, “Once an island gets born, it’s a continuous struggle, a continuous dialogue, a learning, a battle and cooperation of influences. The sea starts bashing on its shores. Erosion starts the complete demolition of the island. But at the same time, sun and sea give birth and food… Archipelagos have a heavy rhythm.” We’ll be streaming that rhythm here all week.

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