Look, when you’re a music magazine you get sent a lot of shit.

From soup cans to balloons, fortune cookies to something called the Juke Bot (that had nothing to do with footwork, before you ask), FACT gets sent its fair share of novelty promos. One we were sent yesterday, which is actually quite cool, comes from Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label, and is called The Prism.

The Prism is, in fact, a small aluminum cube with four buttons and two headphone slots (so you can share the music with a loved one, or – in our case – simply another member of staff). Contained within its walls are 10 “mostly unreleased” tracks from Jaar’s label that make up a compilation called Don’t Break My Love, including cuts from Jaar, Pavla and Noura, Valentin Strip and Just Friends.

The Prism is the only form that Clown & Sunset will release Don’t Break My Love in, and it’s available to pre-order now priced at $40. Release date is expected in April. You can check some pictures of it below.

01 Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan: “YouAndTheSpace Between”
02 Pavla & Noura: “Siblings Music”
03 Nikita Quasim: “GHOST”
04 Nicolas Jaar: “Why Didn’t You Save Me”
05 Pavla & Noura: “Don’t Owe Me A Thing”
06 Just Friends: “Avalanche”
07 Acid Pauli: “Palomitastep”
08 Nicolas Jaar & Will Epstein: “Never Have I Ever”
09 Vtgnike: “Untitled Juke”
10 Nicolas Jaar, Will Epstein, Dave Harrington, Ian Sims: “Ishmael”
11 Valentin Stip: “Hiathaikm”
12 Nicolas Jaar: “Don’t Break My Love”



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