DJ Rashad starts label, new album on the way

By , Apr 9 2012

Photo credit: Ashes57

Footwork idol DJ Rashad [pictured with regular collaborator DJ Spinn, above] has started a new label, Lit City.

Lit City is, in fact, a collaboration between Rashad, J-Cush and DJ Spinn, formed – as the pair explain in a forthcoming interview with FACT – “to accurately represent the culture out here [in Chicago]. To play the music that is making the footworkers move and evolving the scene”.

“[Lit City is] going to be the innovators, and the up-and-coming new guys, who’ve been pushing the scene from the beginning”, J-Cush continues. “A lot of the stuff that comes up is idiosyncratic – but there was stuff that was a singular view and wasn’t really true to Chicago. For the sake of posterity – and everyone else’s careers who’ve been working on this for twenty years – we like to represent the music and get it through to people, because they want to hear it.”

The label’s first release will be an album from Rashad, titled Welcome to the Chi. Also in the pipeline is a collaboration between Rashad and DJ Manny, The Manny And Rashad Show, and records by DJ Spinn and Traxman, who recently released an album on Planet Mu, Da Mind of Traxman.

A new Rashad and Spinn mix, titled ‘Trippy Mane Mix Pt. 1’ (shout to Juicy J, naturally) is available to stream below – it’s packed full of forthcoming Lit City material. Watch out for the full interview with Rashad and J-Cush on FACT this week.



1. DJ Rashad – Welcome to the Chi [LIT CITY TRAX]*
2. DJ Manny – I Can’t Explain [LIT CITY TRAX]
3. DJ Rashad – Fly Spray 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
4. DJ Rashad – Well Well Well [LIT CITY TRAX]*
5. DJ Manny & DJ Kidd – Hold My Dick [LIT CITY TRAX]
6. DJ Earl – H.A.M. [LIT CITY TRAX]
7. DJ Rashad ft. RP Boo – All Across The World [LIT CITY TRAX]
8. DJ Rashad – We Run This Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]*
9. DJ Manny – We So Banned Up [LIT CITY TRAX]
10. DJ Manny – Off The Wall [LIT CITY TRAX]
11. DJ Rashad – Chicago [LIT CITY TRAX]*
12. DJ Spinn – Golden Kush [LIT CITY TRAX]
13. DJ Spinn – Smoke Dat Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]
14. DJ Spinn – She A Bad Girl [LIT CITY TRAX]
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Gettin It [LIT CITY TRAX]
16. DJ Rashad – Walk For Me 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
17. Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad – Sexual (Juke Refix)
18. DJ Spinn – For A 5 Dolla Bag [LIT CITY TRAX]
19. DJ Rashad – CCP 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]*
20. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn – What You Need [LIT CITY TRAX]
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – We Trippy Mane [LIT CITY TRAX]*

*From DJ Rashad’s new LP TEKLIFE Vol.1: Welcome to the Chi

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