Legendary Chicago label Trax returns with a Little Boots single

There are some days that an email arrives in your inbox, and even after 50 reads, you’re still not 100% sure if you’re interpreting it correctly.

Today’s email deals with loveable London Blackpool musician Little Boots of ‘Meddle’ fame, and a new single she’s released for Record Store Day. So far, so normal. The single’s a collaboration with Andy Butler, of Hercules & Love Affair. Interesting, but again, so far it’s nothing shocking (Boots has, in the past, collaborated with Hot Chip and The 2 Bears’ Joe Goddard and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford).

Now, things get weird. The single is being released on Trax. And this doesn’t appear to be a new Trax either – stores stocking the item have it down as the original Chicago record label Trax, a vital imprint in the growth of house music and at various points the home of DJ Pierre, Joey Beltram, Armando, Marshall Jefferson and more (though given the label’s past form in terms of paying artists, a lot of the big boys don’t play with them anymore). This makes it the first Trax release in over half a decade, for those keeping score. Who saw that coming?

Trax will release ‘Every Night I Say a Prayer’ by Boots and Butler on 12″ vinyl, with remixes from Joe Smooth and Tensnake. Boots will also be performing live on Record Store Day at London’s Rough Trade East.



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