Leader of the defunct band wants to be published on merits, not name.

In an interview with GQ, James Murphy stated that he is writing a novel and wants to be published. The DFA kingpin pointed out that this is where his academic background lies.

Murphy is considering submitting the manuscript to publishers under a pen name to avoid having them put out the work simply on account of his music fame. “I’m also dubious because as a person who’s known for something else, something that I wrote might get published before it was ready,” he explained. “Maybe I’ll have to send things in under a pseudonym, just so that they’re considered fairly. Editing is no joke.”

LCD Soundsystem, ringleaders of the indie-dance scene for much of the 2000s, broke up last year, following their swan song, This Is Happening, and a pair of sold-out shows at Madison Square garden.



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