Stream Tim Hecker and Maria Minerva’s takes on John Cale

By , Apr 12 2012

Stream Tim Hecker and Maria Minerva’s contributions to John Cale’s Extra Playful: Transitions

Tim Hecker and Maria Minerva have taken on John Cale for Domino.

The legendary composer and Velvet Underground member signed to Domino’s Double Six sub-label last year for the release of his Extra Playful EP. Now, on Extra Playful: Transitions, he’s been remixed by some of the cream of the underground in Actress, Maria Minerva and Alva-Noto, and tributed by Leyland Kirby and Tim Hecker (both contribute original tracks). We’re streaming Hecker’s ‘Suffocation Raga for John Cale’ and Maria Minerva’s remix of ‘Whaddaya Mean By That’ below.

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