Italian synth-fiddler Polysick is set to release a new full-length of pie-eyed exotica.

Polysick will drop Digital Native on June 18. The label promise “glowing, nocturnal, analogue grace that hark[s] back to acid house and techno”. Polysick has previously clocked up releases in some of the freakier quarters of the modern dance spectrum, including 100% Silk and Legowelt’s Strange Life Records.

Polysick’s background is in video production  – he’s a member of production team AAVV – and his gauzy productions have a hallucinogenic quality to them. Polysick compares one of the new tracks to “those old zombie splatter movies from the 80’s”, so there’s definitely a cinematic sensibility at work.

Planet Mu will release Digital Native on June 18.

1. Totem
2. Woods
3. Taito
4. Loading…
5. Lost Holidays
6. Caravan
7. Drowse
8. Tic-Tac Toe
9. Meltinacid
10. Gondwana
11. Preda
12. World Cup
13. Bermuda
14. Transpelagic
15. Smudge, Hawaii




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